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I'm Shayna, Boston based and I like to Cook & Sip on a drink!

I grew up in the fun house,  you know the kind, the one that always has the best food, a stocked basement refrigerator with a surplus of soda and an endless supply of Dunk-a-roos and Fruit by the Foot. We had an open door policy, neighbors and friends would walk into the house without knocking and everyone was always welcome to join us for dinner.

I recently read a quote  "When you have more than you need, build a bigger table, not a higher fence"  which resonated greatly with me. My parents certainly demonstrated this philosophy and food, cocktails and friends were always at the center of our lives. This is why I love cooking. I believe cooking fabulous food doesn't have to be intimidating and life is too short not to have a drink to sip on while doing so. Here's what you can expect from the Cook & Sip website:


What you will get:

  • Recipes you can cook today - you can easily navigate as they are broken into three difficulty levels. 

  • Ideas for entertaining and how to plate show stopping dishes.

  • Recipe snapshot - includes time to cook, number of ingredients, difficulty level and obviously the ideal drink to sip on!

What you won't get:

  • No life long stories - just the recipe! Let's be honest, when you're looking for a recipe online you don't really care about the person who created it's life story or that they traveled with their best friend in second grade and that is what inspired the recipe.  

  • Calorie counting recipes - I believe food should be balanced and never restrictive. Also, butter is way too delicious not to enjoy it.

  • Recipes with mushrooms - I wish I liked these spongy, slimy things but I don't, sorry mushroom lovers.

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